ComEd Electric Suppliers – How To Save On Your Electricity Bill

ComEd Electric Suppliers – How To Save On Your Electricity Bill

ComEd electric rates refer to the price you pay for electricity com ed supplies your home or small business. The rate is determined by an auction that the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) holds. To save money on your electric bill, you need to find a supplier with competitive prices.

The first step in finding an affordable, reliable and efficient method to power your business or home is choosing an energy supplier. The next step is to take steps to reduce energy usage and improve your living conditions.

The cheapest energy supplier in Illinois

There are a myriad of choices to choose from when you are deciding on an electricity supply for your home or business. These include:

Municipal Aggregation

A municipality can negotiate with suppliers to get lower prices for electricity sales than traditional electricity providers. This could allow the community to lower its carbon footprint and obtain lower costs for electricity.

Eligo Energy, a nationally recognized renewable energy provider in Illinois, has partnered with the Village of Aurora to provide an aggregation program that permits all residents and small businesses to access green electricity at a fixed cost that is the same as ComEd’s residential cost.

This green aggregation scheme is designed to reduce the carbon footprint of our citizens and improve our environment by providing residents with clean, low cost electricity that is generated from 100% renewable sources, including biomass, wind and solar. It’s an affordable and easy method of making our community more sustainable and also improve the living conditions of all its residents living their lives.

In addition the aggregation plan comes with no fees for switching and gives you the convenience of having one bill for all of your property that includes electricity and gas. This is a great alternative to ComEd which is prone to a lot of interruptions in service.

Another option for those seeking an easier and less expensive method to power their business or home is to go with an unregulated electricity provider. These companies typically sell their products door-to-door as well as by phone and mail. They are also available at community events and in churches.

However, you must be aware that these companies that are not regulated often charge their customers more than a regulated company would. They may also have unjust terms and conditions in their contracts, such as base fees or cancellation charges.

The Illinois Commerce Commission and Citizens Utility Board have more details on how to save money on your electricity bill by switching to a different energy provider in Illinois. You can also learn about the benefits and how it can benefit your community.

If you want to see if a green aggregation program is the right choice for your community, click here to get in touch with an Clearway representative. They will give you more information on this aggregation program, as well as the benefits of choosing to use 100% renewable energy at your business or home.